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Reasons your Facebook ads are not converting

Facebook ads may perform poorly for many reasons, but here are just a few:

You don't know your audience well enough

Understanding where your audience is in their journey helps you create ads that resonate. If it's not clear who you're trying to reach, your ads might miss the target.

Your Facebook ads don't stand out

You're competing against cute selfies and funny videos. If your ads look dull or the words don't grab attention, people will scroll past. Your ads must be eye-catching and make people want to click.

You're not testing different ads

Testing different ads can help you find what works and get more value for your money. This goes beyond tweaking colours to tweaking entire ad themes (e.g., case studies vs. memes).

Your ads are showing up in the wrong places

It's crucial to place your ads where your audience will notice them, and exclude them from the wrong places. This helps maximize the right impressions and minimize budget waste.

You're not tweaking your Facebook ads

Ads are not a 'set and forget' affair. It's essential to check and tweak your ads regularly to reduce ad fatigue and get better results.

You don't have clear Facebook ad goals

Clear goals help you measure the success of your paid ad campaigns. If you're not sure what you want your ads to achieve, it may be hard to tell if they're working or not.

Facebook advertising support

Navigating the world of Facebook Ads can be complex, but our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Here’s how we can help you:

We’ll diagnose any issues with your ad performance, provide solutions to improve your results, and show you how to use the Facebook ad library to research successful ads in your industry.

We’ll help you develop a comprehensive Facebook ads strategy that aligns with your business goals and covers every stage of the customer journey. This includes identifying your target audience, setting realistic objectives, determining the most effective ad formats, and scheduling your ads to reach your audience when they’re most likely to engage.

We’ll guide you through the use of Facebook business manager, assist with setting up your Facebook ad account, and ensure it’s secure and structured for success.

We’ll leverage Facebook’s robust targeting options, including demographic targeting, interest-based targeting, and advanced techniques like lookalike audiences and custom audiences. We’ll also set up Facebook Pixel on your website to track conversions and provide valuable data for optimizing your campaigns.

We’ll help you set and manage your ad budget to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS). Using Facebook’s powerful analytics tools, we’ll monitor the performance of your ads, provide detailed ad reports, and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve your campaigns.

We’ll help you choose the best ad placements for your campaign and select the right objectives, whether that’s brand awareness, traffic, conversions, or something else.

From crafting compelling ad copy to designing eye-catching visuals, we’ll create ads that resonate with your target audience and encourage them to take action. We’ll also ensure your ads comply with Facebook’s advertising policies and navigate the Facebook ad review process to get your ads approved quickly.

We’ll conduct A/B tests to determine the most effective elements of your ads and continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns, adjusting strategies as needed to improve performance and ROI.

Our process

1. Discovery

We start by getting to know your business, your goals, and your target audience.

2. Campaign creation

We design compelling ads that resonate with your target audience and inspire them to take action.

3. Audience targeting & placement

We use advanced targeting options to reach your ideal customers and place your ads where they'll get the most attention.

4. Monitoring & Optimization

We monitor and adjust your ad campaigns to ensure they're performing at their best.

5. Campaign Reporting

We provide regular reports on performance and ad spend.

Hassle-free Facebook ad campaigns that drive ROI

Connect with your prospects using expertly crafted ads. We leverage Facebook’s tracking pixel and optimize ad placements to help you drive brand awareness and increase conversions.

Expert advice

Receive data-backed guidance and avoid wasteful strategies.

Low fees

Keep more of your spend to invest in your campaign.

Clear comms

Get regular updates and alerts on campaign performance.



Facebook Campaign Management
9%* of total ad spend
  • Ad account setup
  • Audience targeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Ad campaign strategy
  • Ad budget management
  • Ad placement optimization
  • A/B testing for Facebook Ads
  • Ad copywriting and creative design
  • Ad scheduling and frequency capping
  • Customized ad campaigns
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Ad performance analysis
  • Email and chat support
  • Ad campaign reporting
Best value

Case studies


We worked with RehabWithBeth to increase their online sales and drive website traffic.

With a targeted Facebook Ads strategy, visually appealing ad creatives, and precise audience targeting, they achieved outstanding results.

Within two months, RwB experienced a remarkable 40% increase in online sales and a significant 120% boost in website traffic, leading to revenue growth in excess of 10k monthly.

Food services

Our collaboration with Good Food Studio aimed to increase brand awareness and drive corporate bookings.

Through captivating Facebook Ads highlighting the brand's cooking classes, mouth-watering recipes, and special offers, we successfully attracted new customers and boosted referrals.

The campaign yielded exceptional results, with a noteworthy 25% increase in monthly revenue exceeding 7k monthly.


Working closely with a regional bank, our goal was to generate leads and enhance customer engagement through Facebook Ads.

Through a comprehensive strategy that targeted individuals interested in banking, investments, and financial planning, we created compelling ad content and captivating visuals.

The campaign delivered remarkable outcomes, generating a high-quality lead conversion rate of 30% and driving substantial growth to the bank's customer base.

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