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Google Ads AUDIT

Get a deeper dive into your Google Ads account

Work with me to audit and set up your Google Ads account for more conversions.

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What's included?

Your paid ads audit includes the following:

Conversion tracking

Inspecting the Google Analytics code on your website, ensuring proper installation and functionality. I’ll also check for outdated or duplicate codes, mobile responsiveness, cross-domain tracking, and testing real-time reporting accuracy.

Admin configuration

This part assesses property settings, data retention, user permissions, filter configurations, goal setups, and internal search tracking. It ensures accurate data collection and security.

Report analysis

I’ll look at various reports for audience insights, traffic sources, user engagement, and performance, and also check your change history for any significant changes.


Based on the audit, I’ll suggest tracking improvements, admin configurations, reporting structures, and overall analytics management to optimize the website’s performance.

Call me when...

✅ You’re unsure if you’re getting a good return on your investment.

✅ Your ad campaigns are not performing as well as expected.

✅ You’re seeing a decrease in traffic or conversions from Google Ads.

✅ You’re new to Google Ads and want to ensure you’re setting up everything correctly.

✅ You haven’t revised or optimized your Google Ads account in over six months.

✅ You’re spending a significant amount on ads but can’t track the effectiveness clearly.

✅ You need to understand better how your ad spend aligns with your marketing goals.

✅ Your current campaigns are complex, and managing them has become overwhelming.

✅ You want to explore new opportunities within Google Ads, like remarketing or display ads.

✅ You need to ensure compliance with the latest Google Ads policies and industry standards.

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